Workshop proposals


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My Story is history

The workshop proposals build from the individual experiences of each youth while helping the group connect these experiences to a wider societal framework. The workshops aim to encourage young people to reflect on their personal and family histories as they relates to the history of their community and of Quebec. They are meant to open a space for reflection and creation, based on the experiences of young people, their identities and their visions of the society they live in. They have been designed for teenagers and pre-teens, knowing that these times of life are often marked by questions relating to identity and a sense of belonging. Usually, workshops on these themes are developed for adolescents.

Activities will thus enable participants to explore – through arts, the themes of the book and research activities – questions relating to their identity, their sense of belonging and the migration history of their families and communities. Using the history of Caribbean groups rooted in the Quebec context as a starting point, they will encourage young people to reflect on their personal paths as a part of the continuing history of their community. Workshop proposals are not presented as fixed activities, or “recipes” to be followed, but rather as ideas that can be combined, juxtaposed and transformed to enhance existing programmes in centres and community projects. They are additions to support the tremendous work that youth community workers are doing. Finally, they also provide young people with an opportunity to assert their presence as actors within Quebec’s unfolding history.


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