Ultimately, this project aims to build bridges: between young Quebecers of all origins, between different generations and between the community sector and academia. It also seeks to raise awareness about chapters of Quebec history which might not be well known or which may have even been forgotten. Its goal is to respond to the lack of representation of the historical contributions of certain communities in building Quebec society.

The tangible and intangible heritage of immigrant communities is part of Quebec’s past, present and future. Sharing and valuing the knowledge and stories of all can be done through the preservation and dissemination of their heritage, among other things. Popular education strategies allow for the sharing of knowledge and histories of these communities to the general public.

The authors of the documents produced during this project wish to provide community educators support in the work they do with youth. They also hope that these documents will stimulate the curiosity and interest of young people about the importance of their history, their community and their heritage in the society in which they live. In addition, the project seeks to highlight the roles being passed onto younger people: to ensure the preservation and dissemination of their own history for future generations.

Contacts :

Dr. Aziz Choudry :

Désirée Rochat, coordonnatrice de projet :

Frantz Voltaire: CIDIHCA, (514) 845-0880, 430 rue Sainte Hélène, Suite 401, Montréal, QC, H2X 2K7

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